I Do Take 2

This morning I was lying in bed with my boys and our new furry family member "Bodhi "running in and out of the house at 6am on Thanksgiving morning and all I really wanted to tell everyone was to get out, be quiet and let me sleep. But, I coudnt go back to sleep and I was thinking of all the things Im truly grateful for this year. I dont know about you but I have to reset my grateful meater at least once a month, I feel terrible and so guilty admitting this but I do. Im first and foremost grateful for my health and families health, im also so incredibly grateful to be raising my family in Encinitas, Ca. , but my most heart filling gratefulness this year is living out a 8yr marriage dream of taking my family to Tahiti and sharing these flawless islands in the S. Pacific with my husband and two boys. I had this dream of marrying my husband on a beach in Tahiti and this past summer we finally fullfilled this dream. It was a true and magical moment in my marriage, we renewed our vows on a private island in Tahiti after 8yrs. of marriage and two children later. I believe in my heart this moment was well deserved after so many years of working and making personal sacrifices to create the life we have. It hasnt always been easy but we continue to believe and love each other more and more every day. As I lay in bed this morning I read something that set the tone of my day "Be the partner you would want first, we are so quick to focus on what we get out of a relationship. When did it become about that? What are his not so obvious needs?"-ivy carnegie I know I'm not always like this, but it is so rewarding when I bring my focus back to serving him. Marriage is so good!

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