Plant Lady Is The New Cat Lady

Plants make people happy, its true and I can't seem to get enough of them. I saw the title of this blog a few days ago and it made me smile because the first thing that came to my mind was wow Marissa and I can share another thing in common, she's one of my longest and dearest friends, she has 4 cats, I have no cats, but per the title having multiple plants is like having multiple cats, so I'd call her the cat lady and she would definitely call me the plant lady. I'm happy to say I'm proud of my cat lady friend and I know she's proud of me!

I always say plants complete any interior and just like furniture you'll find modern plants, eclectic plants, traditional get the idea. One of my favorite ways to bring a plant into a room is throwing it into a belly basket. Today I stopped by Armstrong Garden Center to recycle my Christmas tree stand and they slipped me a $10 credit in the store with a 20% coupon so I accepted that as my invitation to browse the aisles and snag some new greens for the house. I had 3 belly baskets I had picked up during an Ikea run last weekend and was ready to add some DIY pom poms to them. After a short 30min the pom poms just needed some attaching to the baskets, I was ready to add my pretty plants and freshen up my youngest boys room. The pom poms were super easy I wrapped the yarn around the palm of my hand about 20 times, then cut a piece of yarn about 6inches long and tied a knot around the center of the yarn i had just wrapped. Once the knot was tied i grabbed a pair of scissors and starting cutting all the loops in half, once the loops were all cut i ran the shears over the pom pom until it was a nice clean pom pom ball and then tied them to the basket with some string I had laying around. My quote of the day was "Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace." While I was home blooming with grace, my hubby was executing and installing a plant wall for a client. I had to attach a photo for you all to see because I'm just smiling so hard over the way it came out.

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